Here at Artisan Print we offer both Litho and Digital Printing.

We are able to cover a wide range of your print needs, from printing just a few posters to multi thousand print runs. With our comprehensive suite of cutting edge software including Adobe's Creative Suite 6, we are able to turn your idea into a well designed, finished print job. If you have created your own digital file and wish to have it professionally printed, we are able to accept a wide range of files and formats, from Mac, Windows or Linux.
For a comprehensive list of file types we accept, visit our technical help page, there you will also find a guide on how to supply files with bleed and cut marks.
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Digital Printing
The Advantages of Digital Printing

Since the early 1990’s digital print has taken the print industry by storm. Here are some of the benefits that digital print offers:

Digital Printing is considered more environmentally friendly than other processes. There are no pre-press stages between the digital file and final print, so there is no need for film, plates or pre-press chemicals.

Digital printing has a quicker response time due to its quick and efficient press setup. There are fewer steps and people involved in the print process, and as a result printing can be produced quicker and shorter print runs become more cost effective.

Digital printing offers more flexibility because there are not the tradition minimum print runs associated with litho printing. The other big bonus with digital printing is that your print job can be proofed on the machine and stock used for the final print run. This means that your print job will look exactly like the proof we show you. Digital files are easily stored and updated; therefore changes are easy to make.
The Advantages of Lithographic Printing

Lithography (or Litho) creates clear, smooth, crisp images and text on a variety of materials. Much of the expense of printing with offset lithography comes from setup costs, however the unit cost of each sheet decreases as the quantity printed increases, making litho printing the cheapest, most cost-effective method for producing medium to long run printed items. Litho presses are generally faster than digital machines, again making it more suitable for medium to long run work.

Lithographic printing is the perfect choice for projects which require ‘special’ colours from the Pantone range.
Litho Printing
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